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Welcome! The Red Carpet International Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing films with a message. The newly funded festival is focusing on films telling important stories, carrying deeper commitments, political views, subjective angles, social awareness, surprising statements and strong opinions. 

Regardless of genre, fictional or documentary, our festival program is dedicated to the celebration of diversity and freedom of speech.

The festival is held in the small bay of Hommelvik in the middle of Norway - just ten minutes from Trondheim Intl. Airport. We are very, very far away from the glitz and glamour at the French Riviera, and from the fancy dresses and crowded floors of Berlin. 

In other words, we appreciate the fact that our name might be slightly misleading, however it is also contains a reference to the local tradition of Hommelvik being a politically «red spot» on the map. We provide the red carpet for filmmakers that have something important to say - and we really don’t care about the dresses!


Fri. 16:30

Det akutte menneske by

Knut Erik Jensen

Sat. 15:00

Nils Gaup

about the coming film «Sulis»

Sat. 18:00

Kampen om Thamshavn-banen by

Fredrik H Akselsen

Fri. 19:00


by Kazuhiro Soda

Fri. 20:30

Health Factory by Håvard Bustnes

Sat. 16:45

Living Without Money by

Line Halvorsen

Sat. 19:30


by Janus Metz